"Into the Wild Blue" offers the luminous landscape paintings of Daniel A. Brown who specializes in artwork that promotes comfort and solace. With his vivid colors and exquisite details, Brown creates images that one wishes to climb into and inhabit. Recent studies have revealed that there is something about open, natural views that creates a sense of well-being and peace within us. Landscape views have been found to relieve stress, increase tranquility, and even promote medical healing. So please enter this land of colorful imagination and lose yourself in these special images.

ENTER into the Wild Blue!


new work by Dan Brown

Hand-Painted Denim Jackets
A rebirth of an old counter-culture art form, denim is a perfect surface on which to paint on. Each jacket becomes a unique walking work of art. The acrylic paints are first soaked into the fabric as a base and then painted in layers to create a vibrant, colorful effect. Subject matter includes day or night landscapes replete with moon, stars and clouds for stunning contrasts. Jackets can be hand-washed in cold water and machine-dried with the delicate cycle. Prices are variable depending on design and jacket type. Custom designs on personal jackets are available. PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO ANY PURCHASE (see CONTACT page ). Payments can be made via PayPal using my email address or by certified check.

Dan Brown Art

new work by Dan Brown titled Homeward Bound

new work by Dan Brown titled Homeward Bound

new work by Dan Brown titled Homeward Bound

new work by Dan Brown titled Pueblo Mountain

new work by Dan Brown titled Home

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